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Drug rehab has been proven to be one of the best ways for people addicted to drugs to get clean and stay clean. There are many ways to treat people in drug rehab, and the best treatment methods may vary by individual. For this reason, the addiction professionals at Drug Treatment Centers Bristol use varying strategies to help people stay off drugs.

What is an Addiction?

An addiction is any unhealthy behavior that interferes with a person’s ability to live normally. People can be addicted to many things, not just drugs. In many cases, people who are addicted to drugs are also addicted to other things, like gambling, sex, shoplifting, and more.

When someone begins treatment in drug rehab, he or she will be asked a series of questions designed to pinpoint any underlying illnesses that may be present so that they may all be treated at once. Typically, if not all underlying issues are addressed at the time of treatment, the individual may relapse, so it’s important to be honest with the treatment professionals. Speak to an addiction specialist at Drug Treatment Centers Bristol today and find out more about our treatment programs. Dial 860-516-2414 now.

Mental and Physical Effects

Addiction has both mental and physical components. Both of those aspects of substance dependence have to be treated in order to help the addict stay off drugs. Many people believe that the mental addiction is far more difficult to shake than the physical one. Physical dependence is managed through medical detox, which is the removal of the addictive substance from the body.

Psychological dependence can be managed through therapy and behavioral strategies designed to give the patient skills to stay off drugs long-term. An addict may continue to experience mental and physical cravings for drugs long after he or she has become sober, but through the help of drug rehab, they can learn to better cope with those cravings and avoid temptation.

What is Drug Rehab?

Drug rehab is one of the terms used to describe professional treatments for drugs. There are two primary types of drug treatment: in patient treatment and outpatient treatment. Both have pros and cons, so each individual must choose the option that is best for him or her.

Inpatient treatment

In patient treatment is reserved for the most dangerous substance abuse or for individuals who really need to be removed from their current environments in order to be successful. In patient treatment centers are live-in housing or hospital settings designed to give the most comprehensive care in a 24-hour monitored setting.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment for drug or alcohol abuse occurs when an individual receives structured substance abuse treatment while still carrying on his or her daily life. The individual may meet frequently with doctors and counselors to receive medical and psychological treatments for their abuse.

Addiction Treatment Options

Addictions are serious and are almost never “kicked” by going “cold turkey,” that is, stopping the drug immediately. In fact, such an approach to drug abuse may result in a life-threatening emergency as the body struggles to adjust to the lack of the drug it has become accustomed to. The best way to treat an addiction is to enter a formal drug treatment program. Treatment programs can be either in patient or outpatient.

The intervention

Although some people may stop doing drugs on their own, many people need what is called an intervention. An intervention happens when the addict’s friends and family members “intervene” in the addict’s life in order to help him or her stop destructive behavior. Interventions can take many forms, but the point of any intervention is to help the addict recognize how his or her destructive behavior is hurting everyone – the addict as well as those around him or her.

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