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Bristol Suboxone Detox

Bristol suboxone detox centers are deidcated to providing quality care and support during drug withdrawal. Suboxone is the name given to a medicine made from a combination of buprenorphine and naloxone, and is a drug given to heroin addicts to help ease withdrawal symptoms upon detoxing. However, it is also an opiate and can cause suboxone withdrawal symptoms, but it is designed to suppress the high that people get from opiates to reduce the cravings for it. Over time, people can experience suboxone withdrawal symptoms and it is possible to fatally overdose on suboxone too. Suboxone withdrawal is increasing as more people seek treatment for heroin addiction and the medication becomes more readily available by prescription. The more it is prescribed, the more likely it will also be available on the street for those that wish to abuse it recreationally as it can be bought and stockpiled and later sold.

If you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms from Suboxone abuse, call Bristol drug detox centers  to find out more about your treatment options. For more information, speak to an addiction specialist at (860) 516-2414. 

Withdrawal Symptoms Don’t Have to Happen

Suboxone, when medically administered and supervised, is a way to taper people off heroin addiction without the strong withdrawal symptoms. Subsequent dosages are reduced until the patient can safely and effectively give up both heroin and suboxone without intense withdrawal symptoms. However, when used recreationally, the dosages are not tapered and instead increased over time, causing the opposite effect of addiction, with withdrawal symptoms typical of any opiate. It is meant to be medically administered and used as a method to taper off a drug, not to get hooked on one. The problem of suboxone addiction occurs because people are abusing the drug and getting it off the street without understanding the dangers of becoming addicted to it.

Inpatient Rehab Works Best for Recovery

Since opiates are one of the most difficult addictions to kick, inpatient drug rehab in Bristol works better for people with a suboxone addiction.  It removes them from an environment where they may be tempted to go back to using heroin or combine suboxone with alcohol. Rehab programs will also provide the needed counseling and education to help patients figure out what their triggers are and how to avoid a relapse. They will provide community support through meetings. Counseling through programs such as Narcotics Anonymous (www.ctna.org) can help with the individual and group dynamics present in households with addiction. Drug treatment centers in Bristol can help you get back on your feet. Contact one today and get the help you need and deserve.